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Do you really expect your customer to respond favorably to you if you only show up when they're buying something?

Relationships matter. In our new, post-recession B2B sales world, thinking only about how to close an active buyer can be a fatal miscalculation.

It’s a cold, hard reality: your customers typically spend less than 5 percent of their time engaged in the buying of products and services from you. In order to continuously drive sales, it is imperative to engage with would-be buyers during the 95 percent of their time when they are not buying from you.

Reinforced by research from Aberdeen Group, SAMA, ITSMA, and other experts, this evidence-based book gives you practical, proven methods for effectively positioning and differentiating yourself in an unprecedentedly competitive sales environment… enabling you to grow with your customers, and take your sales performance to a whole new level.

  • Learn how top-performing salespeople and account managers are driving sales success with new and innovative approaches for engaging more effectively with customers, developing and winning new opportunities, and growing and sustaining customer relationships before, during and after each sale.

  • Understand how to explore possibilities, vision success, and facilitate collaborative discussions with your customers in the “pre-opportunity” phase—when they’re not buying—and how to focus on the things that matter most to contemporary buyers.

  • Build trust-based relationships with buying and decision teams that establish an unshakeable foundation for mutual value creation, and develop customer-specific messaging that aligns your solutions and value with your customer’s success.

  • Seize the momentum of the value created after your last sale and leverage that success to forge enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with those customers before your next opportunity.

BEYOND THE SALES PROCESS details how to capture, consolidate, and then multiply the power of marketing, sales, and customer service to drive value for customers before, during, and after they buy. The Engage/Win/Grow approach provides the reader with a precise approach for how to do this in today’s challenging business environment.Dr. Kourosh Bahrami, Corporate Vice President / Global Head of Marketing and Sales / Automotive, Metal & Aerospace, Henkel
Steve Andersen and Dave Stein’s Engage/Win/Grow approach is profoundly compelling… these two experts prove once and for all that relationships are critical to your sales success.Craig Lemasters, President and CEO, Assurant Solutions

Creating high-value, ongoing client success begins long before the sale happens and continues long after the sale concludes. In BEYOND THE SALES PROCESS, Steve Andersen and Dave Stein provide a clear roadmap on how to move into the high-value space of client collaboration, innovation, and mutual value creation.Rosemary Heneghan, Director, International Sales Organization, IBM Corporation
You can sit back and wait for the next RFP, or you can read BEYOND THE SALES PROCESS and join the next generation of highly-effective B2B sales professionals. Armed with the twelve proven strategies in this book, you’ll engage customers on a whole new level while creating and winning your own next opportunity.Paul Merrild, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Sales, athenathealth

Most sales books assume that only the sale matters. Not true. This book considers the whole picture—what’s happening when your customers aren’t buying from you influences them when they are. Dave and Steve equip you with the right strategies to engage your customers and decisively defeat your competitors.Yvonne Genovese, GVP, Gartner, Inc.
If you want to learn how to win business by engaging with your customers differently than any of your competitors, Andersen and Stein lay out all the answers you’ll need, and then some. The book’s 12 actionable strategies and behind-the-scenes case studies offer more than just another methodology; they deliver a no-nonsense platform that will lead you directly to your next win.Paul Nolan, Editor, Sales & Marketing Management magazine

Meet the Authors

Steve Andersen

Steve Andersen is President and Founder of Performance Methods, Inc., a sales and account management best-practices consulting firm, whose clients include industry leaders and many of the world’s top companies. He lives in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Dave Stein

Dave Stein is a sales consultant and strategist whose expertise has been featured in Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, and Forbes and an advisor to Sales and Marketing Management magazine.